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Diabetic Nail Care

Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute

Podiatrists & Foot & Ankle Surgeon located in Del City, OK

When you have diabetes, you start developing nail issues, especially toenail fungus, rather easily. The podiatry team at Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute in Del City specializes in diabetic nail care, so you can restore your healthier, clearer nails. Learn more about advanced diabetic nail care services by booking a consultation online. You can also call your closest office directly to book.

Diabetic Nail Care Q & A

Why should I worry about my toenails if I have diabetes?

Diabetes takes a toll on your body. The sporadic surges in blood sugar affect your circulation, damage nerves, and even decrease your ability to heal efficiently. While you probably know that diabetes can leave you more vulnerable to serious foot ulcers and an increased risk of amputations, you might not be aware of how much having diabetes affects your toenails.

It’s easy to be exposed to fungi and other organisms anytime you walk around barefoot or share socks or shoes with another person. When you have diabetes, these foreign invaders can quickly lead to a dangerous toenail fungus infection.

Since your body just can’t recover from an infection very well when you have diabetes, the seemingly minor yellowing and thickening can become serious. If left untreated, fungal toenail infections (onychomycosis) can spread, lead to secondary infections, and further increase your risk of amputation.


What is diabetic nail care?

Diabetic nail care involves checking in with your dedicated podiatrist at Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute at least once a year. During these preventive exams, your podiatrist:

  • Inspects your feet thoroughly
  • Trims your toenails straight across (if needed)
  • Counsels you on how to thoroughly check your feet daily
  • Shows you how to properly trim your toenails at home

If your podiatrist notices that your toenails are changing color or are abnormally thick, they may test some of your nail clippings to determine the precise cause. Once they diagnose any underlying nail infection, they can get you treated right away.


How are diabetic nail issues treated?

The specially trained podiatrists at Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute offer the most advanced diabetic nail treatments available if you have a case of fungal nails. Because fungal infections can easily become serious, they work quickly and aggressively to treat your condition. Treating diabetic nail issues may involve:

  • Topical antifungal creams
  • Oral antifungal medications
  • Medicated nail polish

Your podiatrist may even recommend toenail treatments with the revolutionary HyperBlue 1530 multi-use diode laser system. This FDA-cleared treatment increases the growth of healthy, clear nails, so your fungal nail infection quickly becomes a thing of your past.

Schedule your diabetic nail care evaluation at Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute today. Book online or over the phone.