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Custom Orthotics

Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute

Podiatrists & Foot & Ankle Surgeon located in Del City, OK

Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute’s custom orthotics aren’t just about supporting your feet. They can realign your entire skeleton and improve knee, hip, and even lower back discomfort. Schedule an appointment at this state-of-the-art Del City podiatry practice to get fitted for your custom orthotic inserts. You can either click on the online scheduling feature or call your most convenient office directly.

Custom Orthotics Q & A

Why should I get custom orthotics?

Custom or prescription orthotics are made specifically for your feet, with any underlying conditions in mind. Each orthotic is fabricated based on custom molds of each of your feet, so you can expect fast and effective relief from chronic pain-causing issues such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Flat feet
  • Heel pain
  • Ankle instability
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Bunions and hammertoes

Custom-designed orthotic inserts are even ideal for supporting your feet in an effort to minimize joint pain, arthritis discomfort, and even sports injury pain.


How are custom orthotics designed?

The podiatry team at Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute proudly uses a revolutionary biomechanical analysis system to design your orthotics. This cutting-edge technology uses a computer model to gather high-definition 3D images of your feet and ankles.

After getting additional information about your overall health and thoroughly evaluating your feet and ankles, your podiatrist sends your information off to a lab, which fabricates your custom orthotics. In most cases, your orthotics arrive back in the office within a couple of weeks.

Since your orthotics are customized to your feet, you won’t have to worry about breaking them in. They’re going to be comfortable and provide relief almost the moment you slip them into your shoes.


How often do I need to wear my custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics provide immediate relief, but they also help balance out your body weight to allow injured tissues to heal. To achieve these benefits, it’s important to wear your custom orthotic inserts all day, every day.

The podiatrists at Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute understand that you may need to wear different types of shoes throughout the day. While your custom orthotics can slip into just about any type of shoe, they might not fit every pair of shoes you own.

In this case, you may benefit from alternative inserts, such as arch supports, foot cushions, or heel liners, to ensure you remain pain-free no matter which shoes you have on. Your podiatrist at Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute can help you find alternative supports to wear during those times when you just can’t use your custom orthotics.

Book your custom orthotics exam at Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute today. Request an appointment online or over the phone.