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Traveling Facility Podiatry Service

Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute

Podiatrists & Foot & Ankle Surgeon located in Del City, OK

As Oklahoma’s No. 1 foot care provider, Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute is based in Oklahoma City and Del City, yet is proud to offer a service where doctors travel to your facility. The team of board-qualified physicians provides on-site podiatry services for your Nursing Home, Assisted Living and or Memory Care Facility. With over 8 years of facility care experience and over 40 active homes and two local full-service Podiatry clinics, the team is able to provide total foot and ankle care. Book your on-site podiatry exam by calling your nearest office directly.

Traveling Facility Podiatry Service Q & A

What is on-site podiatry?

On-site podiatry means that you can get all of your foot, ankle, and lower leg treatments under one roof. The podiatrists travel to your facility and provide care for your residents at no cost. The team of board-qualified podiatrists, Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute regularly provides:

  • Nail and callus debridement and management
  • Acute wound care treatment plans
  • Biomechanical foot evaluations
  • Wound debridement and management
  • Diabetic shoe program for qualifying patients
  • Evaluation and treatment of arteriosclerosis obliterans (ASO)
  • Evaluation and treatment of peripheral vascular disease (PVD)


Why should I seek Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute’s on-site podiatry services?

With REAL practicing podiatrist that are local, you can rest assured your loved ones are receiving the best possible care from the highest trained foot and ankle surgeons and having fun at the same time. With the option of an on-site podiatry visit, the dedicated team at Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute can provide quality care from the convenience of their own place of residence.

Any treatment that’s defined by the American Medical Association and Medicare as a “surgical procedure” should be performed by a licensed podiatric foot and ankle surgeon, in an effort to prevent risk or hazardous outcome.

A Podiatrist is the highest trained most advanced physician for the foot and ankle. From evaluation of a blister to reconstruction surgery, the team is able to assist any and all of your foot-related concerns without you having to travel to their Oklahoma City office.


Is on-site podiatry care covered by insurance?

In many cases, yes. Under Medicaid, for instance, the team at Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute will service your facility every 10-12 weeks. The practice also welcomes most major insurance plans and a cash price for those without insurance. After 8 years of experience, they are able to start and complete the process with ease and can answer all your question. The practice has a nursing home coordinator dedicated to scheduling and answering all email and phone calls. Their private offices are open Monday through Friday to answer any questions you might have.

The team can even care for hospice and skilled nursing patients, which are covered by most insurance plans, as well as Medicare Part B and Title IX of the Social Security Act. Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute is proud to be able to bring doctors and staff to your facility.

Schedule your comprehensive on-site podiatry service at Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Institute today. Book your appointment by calling either location.